BACKDRAFT Commodore Ute

Vehicle: Holden VZ Maloo Commodore Utility

This vehicle has unfortuately been modified to far to be a full registered street car. The car is still presented in full street trim, with working power windows and mirrors. The owner and tuner have been struggling with traction at the track, but the car has run some impressive times for something that weighs in aroung 3750 pounds! This car demands attention and gets it with its unique turbo mounting location and its impressive detail.

All custom pipework and recent fabrication was done by ITP Race Cars.

Engine: Cast Iron Block LSX 408ci, Ross pistons, Eagle crank, Eagle rods, full ARP stud and bolt kits throughout, ? cam, ? timing set, ? valve springs and retainers, ? valves,STD, Bond STI spec balancer, Machine work by Performance Modifications
Transmission: Custom US Built Powerglide
Convertor: Custom (By FTC)
Diff: Sheetmetal 9" with 40 spline full floater axles and 4.56 gears in Strange XHD center (by Final Drive Engineering).
Turbo: Garret GT55
Intercoolers: PWR water to air with cabin mounted icebox
ECU: Haltech (custom wiring by ITP Race Cars)
Exhaust System: Custom made from the Pacemaker Headers back(ITP Race Cars)
Boost Controller: Turbosmart Eboost 2 60 PSI series
Ignition System: Haltech 8 x individual coil packs
Dash/Data logger: Haltech/Racepak IQ3 Digital Dash/Datalogger
Roll Cage: 6 point moly cage to ANDRA specs
Power: Currently 1300+rwhp with 1 x Garret GT55 turbo running @ 14psi
Weight: 3750 pounds with the driver
Personal Best Runs: 9.21ET @ 152mph on MT Street ET radials & 9.08ET @ 153mph on 10.5" Goodyear slicks

Longest Wheelstand: Its nearly there.....