ITP Race Cars - FIRED-UP


Vehicle: Holden Monaro 2003 Coupe

Chassis: Full Moly tube chassis hand fabricated by In Tune Performance and welded.
Engine: 2JZ Toyota 6cyl custom GAS Motorsport engine package. 
Transmission: 5 Speed Liberty Z style pro stock.
Clutch: Crower 9" twin plate centrifugal style
Diff: Custom made sheetmetal 9" Full Floater (by Final Drive Engineering)
Fuel System: Magna-Fuel pump and regulator 2500hp series
Turbo's: GT4788R custom
Intercoolers: PWR ice box
Wastegates: 2 x Turbosmart Powergates
BOV: 2 x Turbosmart Race Ports
ECU: Haltech Platinum 2000 series (custom wiring by In Tune Performance)
Exhaust System: Custom made dump pipe and stainless steel exhaust (In Tune Performance)
Boost Controller: Turbosmart Eboost 2 60 PSI series
Ignition System: Haltech 8 x individual coil packs
Dash/Data logger: Haltech/Racepak IQ3-V300SD
Power: Currently 1200+ rwhp @ 30psi
Weight: 2315 pounds with driver
Personal Best Run: 7.25 @ 187.21 mph @ 30psi boost
Best 60 foot time: 1.02